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Indo Grindz

Authentic Indonesian Cuisine


Indo Grindz was established in June last year, in the middle of the pandemic. It started just as a must-do for being a stay-home Mom to feed the family, cooking became one of my passions, and to be able to share my cooking with friends and family, and for them to enjoy the food brings me joy and make the cooking more fun. I’ve never really thought of making money out of it, but some friends were asking if they could order and buy the food. So after giving some serious thought, and since there is no authentic Indonesian food in this island, I thought why not!
For the Indonesian people who live here, sometimes they miss the home-cooking but too far to travel back home, now they can satisfy their crave, not too far from their homes.
We offer some of the most popular food in Indonesia, one of them is Beef Rendang, which the famous Chef Gordon Ramsay would love to serve in his restaurants. Indonesian food is known for their exotic flavors, tastiness, and spiciness. Some of the main ingredients are hard to find in this island, so I plant some of them organically in my own yard.
As for my contribution to the Earth, I try my best to use compostable and biodegradable packaging and cutleries.
At the end of the day, to hear my customers telling me that they really enjoy the food, my hard-work is paid off and that makes me happy! ☺️?

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